Nominations for 2022 Election

NARGS 2022 Nominations for Online Election May 2 through May 15, 2022

Recommended by the NARGS Nominating Committee, consisting of Ed Glover, chair; Mike Bone, Brendan Kenney, Terry Laskiewicz, Tony Reznicek, Sarah Strickler, and Bobby Ward.

There were no From-the-Floor Nominations during the open period ending January 31, 2022

Nominated for Director: Cyndy Cromwell (North Carolina): “Horticulture has always been an important part of my life. Ten years ago, I went from caring for extensive mixed borders in Connecticut, to learning how to garden in the sometimes-challenging conditions of the U.S. Southeast. Crevice rock gardening is now my main interest in the home garden. I am chair of the Piedmont Chapter of NARGS and this has been a wonderful resource, allowing me the opportunity to learn from wonderful speakers from all over the world, as well as knowledgeable fellow members. The NARGS travel program has allowed me to botanize in amazing locations with some of the world's best plant people. NARGS is truly an outstanding horticultural organization, and I would be honored to serve another term as a Board member.” [Cyndy is currently serving as a member of the NARGS Board of Directors and is eligible to be re-elected to a second three-year term. She is Southeast and Middle Atlantic coordinator for the NARGS Traveling Speakers Program and is chair of the NARGS Awards Committee.]


Nominated for Director: Christine Ebrahimi (Oregon): “I am a botanist and Oregonian, who has spent years trying to grow difficult alpine plants in the impossibly wet Oregon weather. As a member of NARGS (Columbia-Willamette and Siskiyou chapters) for almost 30 years, I have held numerous board positions, organized field trips, presented talks on rock gardening or travel adventures, and attended study weekends and national meetings. Rock gardening is my passion - be it in a trough, rockery, or sand bed. I love propagating and growing plants. I would enjoy providing input from the western chapters in helping to guide the future of this wonderful organization we all love!”


Nominated for Director: Kiamara Ludwig (California): “Kiamara is a skilled grower and gardener with experience in many specialized plant groups: geophytes, ferns, alpines and alpine-like plants, succulents, and bryophytes. Ms. Ludwig was one of the primary instigators in starting the Bryophyte Chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS). She, and a small cadre of dedicated grower-gardeners, have recently rejuvenated the Western Chapter of NARGS. In 2020, she completed her four-year term as an Interpretive Student Aide at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in the Berkeley Hills, where she continues with her main interest in plant propagation. While a long-time member of NARGS, she has until recently focused primarily on propagating plants for the rock garden group at the San Francisco Botanical Garden and for private clients allowing her to install rock gardens. With the new display gardens at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden and the Gardens at Lake Merritt (Oakland), she has decided to take a more public role. That combined with her term on the CNPS Bryophyte Chapter board ending, it seems a perfect for her to join the NARGS group as a board member.”




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